The Key of Education

Education, the strongest weapon against poverty

Who am I?

My name is Marian Dekkers and I have been working in education for 35 years. I started my career teaching refugee children and have worked adult education with Vietnamese refugees.

In those 35 years I taught children in all kind of ages and Grades. Preschool and Grade 1 till 8.

Grade 1 always fascinated me; it’s always a miracle when children start reading. Especially when you know what a complex processes it is,and what is going on in the brain.

For the last 10 years, I have often been to India for the ‘Planet Hope’ foundation to teach and train Indian Primary school teachers there.

The inequality was heartbreking. Where the children in my class nowadays all have a laptop on their table and a well-trained teacher, I saw children sitting there in the school benches with just one crumpled book, they had to share it together…

I will never forget the child, sitting outside the class crying for food and the toddler, eating sand to fill her stomach.

I thought: ‘This has to be different, this can be different‘…….

this will be…”‘ The Key of Education‘…..


Trained readers


Trained teachers