How do we work?

Volunteers can register with our foundation and after an intake, in which it is mainly checked whether someone is well motivated, they follow a two-day training in didactics and course material of ‘The Key of Education’.

Volunteers are also practically trained during these two days in the co-teaching method.

After this training, certified volunteers go to one of the schools of the developing country with which we work. The volunteers will train and guide the local teachers of the lower classes (Preschool and Standard 1) in the method, in which the working method co-teaching is used.

The volunteers must continue to work at this school for at least two months.

After one year we make evaluate the given lessons and if well-being this school receives a certificate from ‘The Key of Education’, so that this school can become a center of expertise for schools in the region.

Furthermore, the foundation will support the school with high-quality books for the school library and the school will be monitored.

After that, the foundation will focus on new schools that want to enter into a collaboration.