What can you do?

Do you also think that every child has the right to a good reading education and would you like to help?
This can be done in two ways: financially or as a volunteer.



By making a donation, we can purchase, duplicate and laminate all educational materials for schools in developing countries.

You can donate on rek.nr.: NL 30 RABO 0365 7994 16 in the s. in the right of The Key of Education

We also help schools with the purchase of learning materials and books for the school library, because the reading process must be able to continue adequately in the higher groups of the primary school. When the project is completed at a school, we will reserve other money for other schools in the coming years.

We are not a volunteer organization and volunteers do not pay anything to our foundation. We do, however, guide the volunteers in teaching by means of a two-day training before departure and monitoring while teaching abroad.

If you would like to make a donation or support our foundation in another way, please send an email to info@thekeyofeducation.nl.



If you would like to contribute to a better world with equal opportunities for every child, you have become motivated by ‘The Key of Education’ and do you want to teach as a volunteer for at least 3 months at a primary school in a developing country, then sign up for our intake.

We distinguish ourselves from other organizations because you do not have to pay extra administration costs for your volunteer work with us, only your accommodation and stay of course. However, we expect that you are motivated to work with ‘The Key’ and are willing to print, cut, laminate and select the corresponding teaching materials in folders in addition to following the two-day training.

You have to take care of accommodation and transfer yourself. However, we can help you find reliable and affordable addresses for your accommodation and transfer that ask for real prices for your stay.

If you are interested, send an email to info@thekeyofeducation.nl.



Chairman: M. Dekkers (teacher and coach, author of ‘The Key of Education’)

Secretary: A. Windmeijer

Treasurer: A. van der Maarel

C. Dekkers (teacher)

S. Wevers (teacher)

Committee of Recommendation:
Dr A.F.M. Villanueva, English teacher
Drs. Spekman, English teacher
A. Rasenberg M MS (former educational consultant and author of language and reading methods)
Diana Vos, Accountant
Rose Bruijne Wildschut, Managing Consulting
Nicole Dane, Coordinator The Key India

Contact: info@thekeyofeducation.nl