What do we do?

Despite the fact that in developing countries more and more children, and fortunately also more and more girls are attending primary school, there is still a long way to go when it comes to quality education.

The Key of Education Foundation sets up school projects in developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America by generating funds to finance the educational resources of the methods of The Key of Education. The main focus is on Preschool and Grade 1. These methods can be used year after year.
This is therefore sustainable volunteering, because in addition to the fact that the educational resources can be used year after year, the local teachers are also trained.

In the Netherlands, volunteers are trained who would like to teach for two months at such a primary school in the curriculum and didactics of the methods.

The first month the volunteer teaches and observes the local teacher,
while the second month the local teacher by. co-teaching will take over the lessons more and more, so that by the time the volunteer leaves, the local teacher is fully able to teach the lessons of The Key.

After 6 weeks this is tested and if approved, such a school can become a certified KEY school, where schools from the area can find inspiration.

In the end, this school receives, as a ‘reward’, extra English-language books for the higher classes of the primary school, because reading don’t stops 
at Grade 1.

In addition to setting up school projects, it also happens regularly that large
groups of teachers are trained, so that the reach out of The Key still
gets bigger. In July 2018, for example, some 40 Indian teachers were trained.
In October 2021 a group of teachers from South Africa and Zambia and in September 2022 the training of a group of Ghanaian teachers is on the program.